Leapfrog Connect

Leapfrog Connect is a great new way to excite kids about learning as well as help parents keep track of game time and play; parents can also create a personalized learning plan for their kids.  This online center is compatible with most of the newer Leapfrog products. The Leapster series and new Leappad devices are both compatible; it is important to keep in mind the original Leappad devices share the same name with the tablet; however it is not compatible the online game play. Both the Tag and Tag Jr. are compatible as well as the My Pal Violet or My Pal Scout plush learning toys. There are a few other individual toys that also interact with the online hub.

One of Leapfrog’s trademark slogans is “Learning Path.” It is often mentioned in ads, product descriptions, and many of the educational DVDs. One section of this online center is named the Learning Path. Here, parents can view how long a child has played; this section will also show how a child is developing in a specific area, such as spelling or math, based on the answers given during play. Children’s accomplishments can be announced and praised by a Facebook share button.  Regular progress reports are available to keep parents up to date on learning progress.  There are no child activities in this section; it is only educational tracking information for parents.

One thing that makes toys such as My Pal Scout/Violet fun for kids is personalization. This online resource allows a child’s name to be programmed into the unit. In some instances, such as the Leapster and learning laptops, the name is displayed on the screen. In other units, such as Scout and Violet, the name is actually spelled in a song. In more basic names, it is also sung in a song. Personalization helps give kids a connection to their toys, making learning easier and fun.

In the age of digital technology, this company has jumped on board with applications and other digital products.  There is an app section of Leapfrog Connect that offers both free and paid apps and games. These often score high reviews with users. Paid apps are usually priced at around $1.99-$2.99 per app. Full digital versions of cartridge games are similar in price to their physical counterparts.  Games, videos, and e-books are all available in the app section. This feature is only compatible with the Leappad tablets and the Leapster Explorer systems. App store gift cards are available for purchase; this eliminates having to enter a credit card number online. Leapfrog has a secure website for credit card purchases.

As a child plays, they earn rewards. Right answers as well as time spent playing all add to gifts for kids to enjoy. These include printable reward certificates to display and extra downloadable content for more learning. This section is designed for kids to use with minimal parental supervision.

It is important to note that every item that is compatible with Leapfrog Connect may not be compatible with every section in the online resource. However, this company creates innovative products that are both quality and affordable. The online resource helps keep kids learning and keeps parents connected.